Professional business training, development, and learning

Spectaris specialises in the design, development, and delivery of professional business training as development programmes or individual events.

Our main areas of work are
  • The application of leader-ship and management-ship to practical situations
  • Training trainers (including presentation skills for trainers)
  • Business and interpersonal communications and presentation skills
Understanding your needs
We have a track record in training and mentoring to a wide variety of groups:
  • Operational staff
  • Line managers
  • Senior managers and executives
  • Volunteer groups
Each event is designed and delivered to suit the business needs and the needs of learner.

The Leading and Managing series are built from discrete components, which means our training is configured to meet your specific needs.
Our approach gives you flexibility with duration, the level at which events are pitched, and the available resources.
Event sizes may be one-to-one mentoring, training workshops, or seminars to suit the needs of the participants.
Our Leading and Managing events are available as a consultancy service, bespoke training programmes, or as general training events, and may include post event learning support packages.

The best starting point is a conversation.
Please call or email, there is no obligation.

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